What To Expect When Using An Escort Service

What To Expect When Using An Escort Service

The escort business, like many others, has a set of unwritten rules. By knowing them you will have a much better time, free of stress and problems. The entire interaction can be a bit weird, and there are many code names.

What To Expect

What you should expect can vary depending on the type of escort you are choosing to interact with. There are a lower class of escorts which tend to come at a lower price range. These type of encounters may occur at lower income motels or they may come to you. Often times the horror stories of getting escorts come from these type of encounters.

The meet up typically occurs through sites like Backpage or Craigslist. Sometimes these escorts will group together and buy a room for the night. Then set up dates with multiple men in one night. These situations can work but come with a certain sketchiness. Sometimes these girls are involved with pimps that can make the experience stressful or dangerous.

Stick To Professional Escort Services

A better option is using a professional and discrete escort service. First meet ups will always start with a call. The high class escort should make you feel at ease as well as find out what it is you’re looking for. The terms used to describe style are often called “GFE” (girl friend experience) or “PSE” (the porn star experience). Different people are simply into different things, so you should know what you’re looking for.

Beyond high end escorts there is something else called a courtesan. This means the escort is of a high enough level where they can travel, research the gentlemen she’ll be with, learn about the company he works for, etc. She will essentially blend into his social circle or environment. This essentially makes her come off as any other date or girlfriend, thus boosting respect and image.

Common Things To Be Aware Of

Some very common terms to know are outcall and incall. The term outcall means the escort comes to you. The term incall means you are going to their place. This distinction is important, so remember which one you are looking for before you mess up the entire meeting. Another term is “MSOG” or multiple shots on goal. This determines whether you are allowed more than than one orgasm with the escort.

Escorts that work for larger agencies often have stricter rules about how they can work. They may have stricter rules and regulations on things like time. So you want to make sure that you have done your due diligence beforehand.

Escorts expect to be paid upfront, so don’t play any funny games with the money. Be respectful and not stingy about your money; it can land you in a really bad situation. Cash can be given in an envelope, which ads a professional touch to the transaction. Before handing over the money however, feel free to double check and make sure you are not being “bait and switched”. That is where an agency or girl puts up a fake picture to fool you, then sends a random escort unlike the one in the ad. It’s a dirty trick and not fair towards a paying customer. However it is still common, especially when you go for the lowest price/quality of service.

Once the escort begins the process and undresses, there are NO refunds. Don’t get into a fight or argument over money. It simply isn’t worth it. If you find yourself in a rough situation, it’s much better to just leave. This way you keep your freedom, reputation, and remain safe. Escorts can also turn you down if beforehand if they see something they do not like.

If you have a wish or fetish, talk about it beforehand so that the situation can work itself out much better in person. As long as the communication is good everybody wins, and the time you spend together will be much more fulfilling.


Hopefully this helped you understand a bit more about the mysterious world of escorts. There are so many escorts and escort services out there to try for yourself and find what works best for you. You may find exactly what you are looking for, especially if you communicate well and aren’t afraid to pay a decent wage. If you are looking to save money and cut corners in communication, you may find yourself having a bad time. So be real, be smart and have fun!